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Brazil Palm Wax Car Wax

Brazil Palm Wax Car Wax

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Produce information

Material: palm wax
Place of Origin: Guangzhou, Guangdong
Capacity: 200 (ml)
Net weight: 200 (g)
Scope of application: whole car paint
Type: solid
Storage conditions: cool and dry
Type: Car wax
Series: Car wax series
Function: sunscreen, waterproof, anti-ultraviolet, decontamination, glazing, anti-static, anti-acid rain, anti-high temperature, anti-wear, anti-oxidation
Physical form: solid
Model: Carnauba wax 200g plastic jar, 100g plated crystal wax, 200g plated crystal wax set, white car wax, black car wax
Style 1: Carnauba wax 200g plastic jar
Style 2: 100g crystal wax
Style 3: 200g crystal wax set
Style 4: White car wax
Style 5: black car wax

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Car wax*1

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