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Moisturizing and Oiling Conditioner

Moisturizing and Oiling Conditioner

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100% brand new quality
Net content: 30ml
Contains herbal extracts, which can improve hair dryness, brittleness, splitting, increase hair elasticity, make hair shiny and soft, and at the same time repair and nourish hair. Hair, straighten coarse hair, protect hair from external damage
how to use:
1. Use when washing your hair.
When washing your hair, put a few drops on shampoo, moisturizer or hair mask to increase the nourishing effect and repair damaged hair.
Combined with the hair before blowing, the hair after drying is shiny and elastic.
2. Use dry hair every day:
When drying your hair, put a few drops on your hands. From the middle of the hair to the tip of the hair, it can be quickly absorbed, effectively straightening the hair and making it shiny.

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