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Zwilling 3-Piece Forged Five Star Knife Set

Zwilling 3-Piece Forged Five Star Knife Set

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The Zwilling Five Star Starter Knife Set features the three most essential knives to have in any kitchen: a paring, utility and chef’s knife. The paring knife is perfect for smaller, detailed tasks like segmenting citrus, peeling fruit and creating garnishes. The serrated utility knife is ideal for cleanly cutting through tough-on-the-outside, soft-on-the-inside foods like bread, tomatoes and salami. And the chef’s knife is a versatile all-rounder for most cutting tasks like dicing onions, slicing chicken and chopping vegetables.

The updated design of the Five Star series incorporates a unique handle crafted to fit in the contours of your hand, creating a masterpiece of safety, ergonomics and comfort. The sleek black handle facilitates comfortable cutting while minimizing wrist fatigue.

Each Five Star knife is forged from a single piece of high carbon stainless steel, resulting in a sturdy, balanced blade that is resistant to stains and chipping. The ice-hardened FRIODUR® blade is hand sharpened and polished to 15° on each side for precision cuts with every use. The razor-sharp precision honed and laser-controlled edge is incredibly sharp from its first use and stays sharper longer. Enjoy easy clean up with these stain-resistant blades that are made to last.


  • Enhanced bolster design that provides the solid, balanced feel preferred by chefs worldwide
  • Innovative seamless polypropylene handle is ergonomically shaped for the most secure grip and superior comfort
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